We use a holistic approach, focused on your goals to help you navigate away from the hidden landmines that many contracts don’t address.

What good is your contract if it doesn’t accomplish your goals?

Contracts can be a lot like landmines or ticking time bombs. 

Like a landmine or ticking time bomb, the horrors of a bad contract often don’t reveal themselves until it is too late to do anything about them. You can go years before you realize that your boilerplate contract doesn’t offer the protection you needed. To a non-lawyer, the language in even a simple contract may mislead you into believing that your best interests are covered.

However, an extra word, a missing word or unclear wording can end up costing you thousands of dollars, as well as a lifetime worth of frustration.

Few things are worse than being stuck in a contract that makes you feel like you are handcuffed to an unfavorable or financially disastrous situation.  The best way to avoid being surprised by a contract that is bad for you is to have it reviewed or drafted by an experienced attorney who is willing to be honest and take the time to explain the good as well as the bad within the contract.

At The Law Offices of Dale Richardson, LLC, we help you make sure that all the I’s are dotted and all the T’s are crossed.

We want you to be aware of what is in the contract BEFORE you sign it.  We will research and endeavor to understand the full scope of your situation so that we can suggest creative solutions to your contract issues.  Let us review, edit, draft, or negotiate your next contract and give yourself some peace of mind.

If you have any contract needs, The Law Office of Dale Richardson, LLC can help. Contact us as soon as possible to help you evaluate your unique situation.